Christmas in Memoriam

Deep within our aching hearts,
Wrapped in the purest gold,
Are happy Christmas memories,
Spent with you at home.

As we prepare for Christmas,
Our thoughts will be of you,
You always made our Christmases,
The happiest we ever knew.
We'll try our best to celebrate
The birth of Christ our King,
But in our hearts we realise
We've lost our everything.

I would give the world if I could say
Merry Christmas to my (name) today,
To hear your voice, to see you smile,
Would be my dearest wish this Christmas time.

No presents to give you,
No wishes sincere,
Only the heartache
Of not having you near.

They say time heals many things,
But not the sadness Christmas brings,
The pain in my heart will always remain,
Until the day we meet again.

It doesn't take a special day
To bring you to my mind,
For days without a thought of you,
Are very hard to find.

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Birthday Memoriams

Just twenty flowers in our bouquet,
Just twenty years you'd be today.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But to stay only brought you pain,
Tears of love will never wake you,
God bless you, son, till we meet again.

We never need a special day
To bring you to our mind,
For days without a thought of you,
Are very hard to find.

We cannot send a birthday card,
Your hand we cannot touch,
But God will take our greetings
To the one we love so much.

Thinking of you on your birthday,
With sadness in our hearts,
For a very special someone,
From whom we had to part.

Another birthday, another year,
With precious memories of one so dear,
Thoughts today of our lives together,
Hold a love that will live forever.

All my life I will miss you
As the years come and go,
But in my heart you will live forever,
Because I love you so.

As I opened my eyes this morning
I looked to the heavens above,
I whispered, 'Happy Birthday, Babe',
And sent you all my love.

Your book of life stands open,
At its most important page,
May good luck be by your side,
On this your Coming of Age.

Happy Birthday (name)
We send our love today
Please look down upon us
And pray for us always

If tears could wash away our pain,
We would not feel such hurt again,
The heartbreak felt since you've been gone,
We wouldn't wish on anyone,
But today is your birthday,
So we'll have to be brave
And accept God's taken what first He gave.

Put your arms around her Lord,
Don't leave her on her own
For today it is my Mum's birthday,
Her first away from home.

Thinking of you on your birthday
We talk of you still,
We haven't forgotten you
And we never will.

Tears instead of wishes,
Flowers instead of cards,
You left us precious memories
That will stay within our hearts.

Instead of a card
We send our love
Instead of a gift, a prayer
To the one we thought the world of
And miss beyond compare.

You are the kind of person
Who leaves lovely memories behind
And special days like your birthday
Bring many fond memories to mind
And memories are possessions
That time can never destroy
For it is in happy remembrance
The heart finds its greatest joy.

No birthday cards today
A heartache, a tear,
A memory so dear
Every day of our lives,
we wish you were here.

Your present needs no choosing,
Flowers it has to be
And so many lovely memories
Of the way things used to be.

Two years ago you went away
To take a well earned rest
And of all the mothers in the world
I was lucky to get the best.

Another birthday has come around
And there's nothing I can do
But sit for a while and picture your smile
Just like I always do.

Birthday wishes I send today
To a star in the sky, not far away,
Engraved in gold on a cloud above
Just for you Mum, with all my love.

Thinking of you on your birthday (name)
But that is nothing new
For no day dawns and no day ends
Without a thought of you.

With an ache in my heart,
I whisper low,
Happy birthday, Mam,
I miss you so.

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Brother, Sister and Child

You went away so suddenly
We did not say goodbye
But brothers can never be parted
Precious memories never die.

O Lord hear my prayer,
Keep my sister in your care,
For there comes a time for all of us
When we must say goodbye,
But memories of those we really loved,
Live on and never die.

Of all the many blessings,
However great or small,
To have had you for a sister,
Was the greatest one of all,
The family chain is broken now,
And nothing seems the same
But as God takes us one by one
The chain will link again.

Goodbye to you dear Sister,
You deserve eternal rest,
You cared so much for everyone
And always did your best.

Jesus took you for a sunbeam,
To shine on Him each day.
In every way you'll please Him,
And brighten up His day.

An angel took our flower away
It needed so much care,
But some day God will tell us,
Why to us it seems unfair.

There's a place in our hearts
No one can fill,
We miss you dear daughter,
And always will.

Farewell, dear babe,
To both our hearts so dear,
Often we'll bathe
Your memory with a tear,
Short was your life,
But long your rest,
God called you soon
Because He saw it best.

A ray of sunshine came and went
A beautiful treasure only lent,
In God's keeping quietly sleeps,
This son/daughter we loved but could not

Gentle Jesus up above,
Give our baby all our love,
Plant kisses on our baby's cheek,
Tell him they are his to keep.

We lost a son with a heart of gold,
Worth more to us than wealth untold,
From earthly toil to heavenly rest,
God took our son, one of the best.

Two smiling eyes stopped smiling,
A golden heart stood still,
We don't know why God took you,
And guess we never will.
He only lent you to us,
Then came and took you back,
To us you were so precious,
Your life was full of fun,
A caring, loving brother,
A darling little son.

Angels in heaven, all robed in white
Were playing one day in the garden of light,
And Jesus came smiling, and said to his band
'Here's another playmate, take (name)'s hand.

This special boy/girl so meek and mild
Was Heaven's very special child
Although you were with us for such
a short while
We will never forget your happy smile.

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In Memoriam

The years may come, the years may go,
I could never forget how I loved you so
With each day I remember anew,
Those precious years I spent with you.

I never thought that loneliness
Could bring such bitter pain,
That memories could hurt me so
And wound my heart again.
Yet even in despair I know
That every tear I shed,
Would grieve the heart that loved me so,
So I will try to smile instead.

Each day we think about you
And realise you have gone,
We can't explain the emptiness
That life has now become.
They say that time's a healer,
But we are not too sure,
For every time we think of you
We miss you more and more.

The happy hours we once enjoyed,
How sweet their memory still,
But losing you has left a space,
This world can never fill.

Our thoughts are with you on this day,
Happy memories come to mind
Of one we loved with all our hearts
And will till the end of time.

The world may change from year to year,
And friends from day to day,
But sweet memories of you
Will never fade away.

Thoughts go back to happy days
When we were all together,
The family chain is broken now,
But memories live forever.

Although our loved ones are out of sight
They are never out of mind,
For they are cherished in the hearts
Of the ones they left behind.

When we are in need of comfort
We walk down memory lane,
There we see you smiling
We talk with you again,
And as we wander slowly back
We seem to hear you say
Don't grieve. don't cry, my family,
We'll meet again some day.

Memory is a loving thing
It lasts the longest day
It can never be spent,
Never be lent,
Never be taken away.

No words can tell, no flowers repay,
The loss we had one year today
Till memories fail and life departs,
You will live forever in our hearts.

If roses grow in Heaven, Lord,
Then pick a bunch for us
And place them in our (name)'s arms
And tell her/him they're from us.

Not one day passes Son
That we don't think of you,
Our broken hearts will never heal,
But your memory pulls us through.

How constantly we think of you,
With hearts and eyes that fill,
The love in life we had for you,
In death grows stronger still.
Let the winds of love blow softly
And whisper for you to hear,
We love and miss you sadly, as
It dawns another year.

Three years ago God took you, Mum,
He took my closest friend,
And left me with a broken heart,
I know will never mend.

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Mother and Grandmother

Dear Mother, rest, your work is o'er
Your loving hands shall toil no more,
No more your gentle eyes shall weep,
Rest, dear Mother, gently sleep.

Always ready to do her best,
With a heart so true and tender,
She devoted her life to those she loved,
And those she loved

Tears in place of wishes,
Heartaches mixed with love,
No happy birthday wishes,
No cards to Mother with love.

Those who have a Mother,
cherish her with care,
For you never know the heartache,
Till you see her vacant chair.

A Mother's love is ageless,
A crown she has won,
Today I mourn and honour her,
For all that she has done.

Two extra stars are in the skies,
I know they are my mother's eyes,
Looking down upon her fold,
Remembering memories wrapped in gold.

We love and miss you Mum,
We wish you were here today,
Just to say these words to you,
We love you in every way.

We never ask for miracles,
But today just one would do,
To see our front door open,
And our dearest Mum walk through.

To those who have a Mum,
Love her while you may,
Because we wish with all our hearts,
Our Mum was here today.

No one knew the pain she bore,
Beneath the smile she always wore,
A loving memory dearer than gold,
of a Mother whose worth can never be told.

There's a corner in our hearts, Mum
You visit every day,
It gives us this warm feeling,
That you're never far away.

Now at rest Mam, free from pain
You're with my Dad now
Together again.

When I think of happy times,
I always think of you Mum,
It's nice to think of happy times,
For every time I do
My heart is filled with all the love
That I feel for you.

You felt so very lonely Mum,
ever since Dad died
But you can walk together now,
forever side by side.

Kind was your nature,
True were your ways
We will treasure your memory Mum
For the rest of our days.

Mum, did the sun shine brighter,
or was the sky a deeper blue
Or was it just a different world
when we shared our lives with you.
Forever is a long time
This we know is true
But that's how long our broken hearts
Will love and yearn for you.

We think of you so often Mum
And every time we do
You can be sure we're thinking
Of yesterday and you.

Family ties are lasting bonds,
That are woven in each heart
To keep a family close in thought
Together or apart,
Love you forever Mother, forget you never.

Mother: I held you in my arms Mum,
I held you close to me
God took you to a better place
And left your love with me.

Age will not dim her loving face
Her sparkling eyes and happy face
She fell asleep and left me sad
I will never forget the Mother I had.

M is for the Many things she gave me
O is Only that she was growing old
T is for the Tears she often shed for me
H is for her Heart as pure as gold
E is for her Eyes that shone so brightly
R is for the many Riches she gave to me
Put them altogether they spell MOTHER,
The dearest one in all the world to me.

You've chosen an angel,
There's no finer than
For God in your wisdom,
You've chosen our Nan.

In memory's page, I will never blot,
Three little words-forget me not.
Never forget you Nan.

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