Birthday Memoriams

Just twenty flowers in our bouquet,
Just twenty years you'd be today.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But to stay only brought you pain,
Tears of love will never wake you,
God bless you, son, till we meet again.

We never need a special day
To bring you to our mind,
For days without a thought of you,
Are very hard to find.

We cannot send a birthday card,
Your hand we cannot touch,
But God will take our greetings
To the one we love so much.

Thinking of you on your birthday,
With sadness in our hearts,
For a very special someone,
From whom we had to part.

Another birthday, another year,
With precious memories of one so dear,
Thoughts today of our lives together,
Hold a love that will live forever.

All my life I will miss you
As the years come and go,
But in my heart you will live forever,
Because I love you so.

As I opened my eyes this morning
I looked to the heavens above,
I whispered, 'Happy Birthday, Babe',
And sent you all my love.

Your book of life stands open,
At its most important page,
May good luck be by your side,
On this your Coming of Age.

Happy Birthday (name)
We send our love today
Please look down upon us
And pray for us always

If tears could wash away our pain,
We would not feel such hurt again,
The heartbreak felt since you've been gone,
We wouldn't wish on anyone,
But today is your birthday,
So we'll have to be brave
And accept God's taken what first He gave.

Put your arms around her Lord,
Don't leave her on her own
For today it is my Mum's birthday,
Her first away from home.

Thinking of you on your birthday
We talk of you still,
We haven't forgotten you
And we never will.

Tears instead of wishes,
Flowers instead of cards,
You left us precious memories
That will stay within our hearts.

Instead of a card
We send our love
Instead of a gift, a prayer
To the one we thought the world of
And miss beyond compare.

You are the kind of person
Who leaves lovely memories behind
And special days like your birthday
Bring many fond memories to mind
And memories are possessions
That time can never destroy
For it is in happy remembrance
The heart finds its greatest joy.

No birthday cards today
A heartache, a tear,
A memory so dear
Every day of our lives,
we wish you were here.

Your present needs no choosing,
Flowers it has to be
And so many lovely memories
Of the way things used to be.

Two years ago you went away
To take a well earned rest
And of all the mothers in the world
I was lucky to get the best.

Another birthday has come around
And there's nothing I can do
But sit for a while and picture your smile
Just like I always do.

Birthday wishes I send today
To a star in the sky, not far away,
Engraved in gold on a cloud above
Just for you Mum, with all my love.

Thinking of you on your birthday (name)
But that is nothing new
For no day dawns and no day ends
Without a thought of you.

With an ache in my heart,
I whisper low,
Happy birthday, Mam,
I miss you so.

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